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Fugue fairy tale world, March Beijing gift show abundance animation dinner fun

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Fugue fairy tale world, March Beijing gift show abundance animation dinner fun
Personality, novelty, fashionable animation world is coming cool, fans are ready?
Will be held on March 17 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the 35th Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition, is committed to creating a fairy tale world, so that thousands of animation fans, parent-child family at the same time keep a happy Pure innocence. The exhibition includes the most popular cartoon image of the moment, all kinds of authorized production of animation toys, doll dolls, books stationery a clean sweep. Man enjoy the fun of the kingdom of animation, experience the beauty of the image design, to the Beijing Gift Show brand authorized area, there are always several will be your choice.
Warm Feifei rabbit cup cast eternal classic
On this planet, probably the children's favorite rabbit should be the Miffy rabbit it This by the Dutch children's book master Dick Bruner created the elf, with its pure and innocent appearance and delicate good feelings, won the praise of millions of families. Regrettably, Dick Bruner, known as the father of Miffy's Rabbit, has ever left us on February 16, but he casts the classic image, as well as the pureness and simplicity left to the world, In the world.
The current gift show, by the Shanghai Exhibition Trade Co., Ltd. authorized the production of Miffy rabbit series of children's cup, mobile kitchen "braised pot", children's straw pot, with warm and vivid outline of the beautiful children's pure child innocence. This is the master of the classic image of the reproduction, will provoke more fans idol complex, I believe there will be more audience with the exhibition collection of Miffy rabbit authorized gifts to express the memory of Dick Bruner's feelings.
CRAFTHOLIC pillow super soft touch Meng feng audience
CRAFTHOLIC popular version of the table, from Tokyo, Japan master design handwriting, much domestic and foreign celebrity stars and Meng baby baby favorable! Nanjing Aikesite Trade Co., Ltd. authorized the launch of CRAFTHOLIC spring and summer pillow series, the image Meng pet lovely, colorful patterns, super soft touch, there is no Meng want to rub it into the arms of the impulse?
Judy Nick love to kill the new favorite mobile phone
"Crazy animal city" has been a fire to no friends, some people bowed down in the lazy lightning magic smile, but more fans were rabbits Judy frank and strong, fox Nick gentle and delicate deeply moved. Dongguan Wenbo handicraft company following the angry bird, after the submarine mobilization, once again authorized the production of "crazy animal city" movie derivatives, full of fun and content, so that these lovely animal image of the new favorite, what reason Do not like them?
Magic hair elves cool hair interpretation of the most Meng ugly baby
Recently, the world seems to have been a few weird, hairstyle cool fried days of the occupation of the doll. Yes, since the "magic wizard" after the release, this group of children who love to sing the dance jump began to sweep the world. Hangzhou special carved daily necessities company authorized the "magic hair ugly baby," the image given to the children's cup, often picked up when it is like a bright real doll really want to jump out from the water the same. Magic hair elves some ugly? But they are full of positive energy interpretation, so that more people feel very cute.
When the cartoon star down the silver screen, in the form of derivatives into the public life, we can more truly feel they exudes the unique charm. The 35th Beijing Gift Fair for the children planning a fairy tale world, but also greatly meet the more young fans chase idol enthusiasm. Now landing the Beijing Gift Fair official website for pre-registration, but also enjoy the exemption of 20 yuan tickets and exquisite gifts, the March Come to Beijing gift show collar your animation dinner.