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"Internet +" help the traditional stationery industry and then upgrade

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"Internet +" help the traditional stationery industry and then upgrade
At the beginning of the school, the major malls, stationery shops began to enter the stationery to buy frenzy, the new semester almost every student will buy some school supplies for their own, and with the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become the most popular shopping, Also began to help children on the Internet to buy stationery, and even some students themselves on the Internet orders, these are the Internet for our shopping convenience.
The development of the Internet, so that more and more stationery businesses are beginning to realize that the Internet is a big trend, the stationery industry should also have Internet thinking, keep up with the trend of the times, the Chinese stationery network homeopathy, and now the platform has all kinds of stationery , Including learning, office painting supplies, which are creative, fashion stationery by students and young office owners of all ages, these stationery selling point is through the personality of the design, innovative appearance, brilliant colors, to meet the basic consumer Functional requirements, while enhancing the user experience.
Each of the traditional industries in the process of development with the Internet, one of the biggest changes is the marketing and management mode, China's stationery network is no exception, the Chinese stationery network and the integration of the Internet, changed the original marketing methods and management models, The traditional operation process, the Chinese stationery network mainly rely on line sales, and in conjunction with the Internet after the Chinese stationery network marketing from line to line, online marketing has an open advantage, the platform products directly Publicity, driving product sales to enhance the o2o model and the traditional model is a great advantage compared to, but it also has "soft ribs" is the user experience, which is almost all the electricity business "soft ribs" There is no physical shop online, the user can not see the real goods, it is difficult to evoke the consumer's desire to buy, and in a short period of time to overcome this "soft underbelly", it is quite difficult, but the Chinese stationery online Under their own stores, consumers can do personal professional services, which is China's stationery network can be many in the same industry come to the forefront of one of the important reasons.
In the opening season of 2017, to the Chinese stationery network to choose their favorite stationery, with these stationery, for this semester of learning, writing a satisfactory answer.