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Stationery exhibition "smart manufacturing"

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Stationery exhibition "smart manufacturing"
The picture shows the exhibitors in the introduction of automatic sealing machine work flow.
(Sun Jia Li photo)
Intern Sun Jia Li
Reporter Yu Yongjun
Able to print the student set of automatic presses, can be used as a rechargeable treasure of the water meter, automatically out of the core pencil ... ... yesterday's closing of the 14th China International Stationery Fair (referred to as "Ningbo Stationery Exhibition"), from home and abroad Of the stationery businessmen have been on display at the scene of new creative stationery, some automation products save enough popularity.
An automated package of the pipeline to attract the attention of many visitors. I saw a staff member will be folded into the machine after the carton, the track with a carton to go forward, a few seconds time, a sealed cardboard box appeared in front. "Our automatic sealing machine can automatically seal the package, a line to complete, but also according to the specifications of the carton automatically adjust the width and height of the machine." Ningbo Guqi Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Marketing Wu Wenbo told the author.
Wenzhou Sheng Bo cultural and educational supplies Co., Ltd. Deputy Manager Yu Haitao is to show visitors full-featured test pen. He pressed the pen tail, a 2B pen from the pen out of the pen body at the front of a circle ring rubber, not only to improve the comfort of the pen, but also easy to change. Remove the pen at the end of the head, this pen has become a black neutral pen. "We have this product to solve the candidates in the examination process alternately use a variety of stationery answer inconvenience." Yu Haitao said. It is understood that this pen was a national patent protection.
A charge with a charge of Po water sales hot, full of people before the booth. "I want to take a box." Visitors to Mr. Cheng to the staff on the booth under the order. Ningbo cool odd Stationery Co., Ltd. Han Bingyun side of the negotiations side of the introduction, "as long as the switch down a stroke, the nozzle will automatically spray water mist, to achieve immediate water, water meter at the bottom there is a USB interface, give a Apple phone is full of electricity. "
Ningbo stationery industry executive vice president Wang Yong pointed out that the current stationery exhibition is the city's stationery industry transformation and upgrading of a benchmark, reflecting the traditional stationery business and intelligent technology organic integration, to accelerate the "smart manufacturing" transformation. The future, enterprises to market-oriented, innovation as the driving force to accelerate the implementation of increased varieties, to mention quality, a brand of "three products strategy" to enhance the international competitiveness of Ningbo stationery.